Kennebunkport Monument to George Bush Sr.

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By Laura Dolce

July 10, 2009

KENNEBUNKPORT Monument to George Bush Sr.

In honor of former president George H. W. Bush’s 85th birthday and his love for the town, a group of local residents are planning to honor him with a monument near Walker’s Point.

While current residents have long known of Bush’s regard for the town, future generations may not fully understand it, Town Manager Larry Mead said at a July 9 Board of Selectmen meeting.

“This would give recognition to that tie, to the fact that to him, if not a first home, then (Bush) sees it as a second home,” he said.

The monument would be sited on town-owned property on Parson’s Way near Blowing Cave, Mead said.

The cornerstone of the monument will be a 6,000 pound anchor that the board voted to accept from the U.S. Navy. “He calls (Kennebunkport) his anchor to windward,” said Tom Bradbury, who is leading the monument planning. “So it’s appropriate that this will be an anchor. It will be a reminder in years to come of this special time in history.”

Bradbury said his group is sending letters to Bush’s friends to try to raise funds for the restoration and transportation of the anchor, which is currently located in Philadelphia. But the monument will be just one part of how the residents are hoping to honor Bush.

Bradbury said they will also collect letters and stories from local residents to both be included in the collection at the Brick Store Museum in Kennebunk and at the presidential library in College Station, Texas.

“We’ll allow people to write their stories about meetings with him, whether it’s out fishing … or in Dock Square at the Memorial Day parade,” Bradbury said.Bradbury said Bush’s love for Kennebunkport is especially evident at his presidential library. “An amazing amount of space is dedicated to Kennebunkport,” he said.

“He has come here every year of his life except the one when he was serving in the Pacific. This (monument) would show not only his love for the community, but also the community’s respect for what he’s brought to the town.”

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